Facilities at High Tech Factory


It’s our mission to facilitate inhouse companies to grow their business and service the companies in a way that they can fully focus on their business goals, developing, producing and launching market and customer ready products and scale up their business. In one sentence: we help them to realize market introduction of their groundbreaking technology and scale up their business. To make impact and solve societal challenges.

We realize this together with outstanding first class certified suppliers and partners. We deliver high quality service e.g. in the area of maintaining our technical infrastructure, cleaning, facility management, cleanroom (suits and disposables) and in good cooperation with the University of Twente.

The High Tech Factory building, with a gross floor area (BVO) of 3718 m2 and a rentable floor space (VVO) of 2705 m2, houses 46 offices, two canteens, and two well-equipped meeting facilities. We offer a large set of services such as parking, safety, security building, waste processing, access management through key cards, goods and postal handling and free accessible well equipped canteens and pantries. We have a large parking space is available near the building and we are open 24/7.

We accommodate companies engaged in high-quality development and production. At High Tech Factory we have high-quality ISO 7 cleanrooms, laboratories fitted with all the necessary equipment, chemical process rooms, and the NanoLab of MESA+ research institute next door. The cleanrooms and labs facilitate use of compressed air, nitrogen and high quality di-water and others.  A shared chemical room equipped with e.g. safety cabinets and wettbenches is available. The ISO 7 cleanrooms are constructed to meet high standards. The conditions – such as temperature, humidity, and influence of environmental light – are well-controlled.

The facility takes safety and security very serious and has in cooperation with users of clean rooms and labs, strict organized safety procedures. High Tech Factory has it’s own certified company emergency response team. The building is secured by University of Twente security.

The MESA+ NanoLab