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Putting back the D in R&D

High Tech Facilities to Boost Young Talents in Twente. Enschede, The Netherlands – The regional innovation strategy of Twente is based on putting science and technology to work. William Sanchez, Innovation Policy Officer at the City of Enschede gives his view. In the last 25 years Twente has an excellent record in knowledge creation. The next step is improving our capacity in successful development and application of knowledge in new products and processes.

Measures that provide young talent and spin-offs with business support services are essential. State-of-the-art facilities which upscale production for customers are considered advantageous. It’s all about putting back the “D’s” in R&D. Demand driven development. This unlocks market potential for lead technologies in providing innovative goods and services.

Kennispark Twente
Kennispark Twente (Science Park Twente) is a meeting place of European style, in which knowledge institutions and innovative businesses use each other’s knowledge and facilities. As a physical location of innovation, it facilitates a number of projects which stimulate more rapid returns on investments and thus greater incentives for expanding private investment in R&D; location advantages for R&D and production facilities. One of their Rising Stars is the High Tech Factory of MESA+.

Rising Stars: High Tech Factory
High Tech Factory is a state-of-the-art production facility which links spin-offs in microsystems and nanotechnology to SME’s with expertise in mechatronics, material technology, manufacturing and assemblage. Researchers and enterprises are linked in entering new fast growing world-wide markets with a competitive advantage. This brings also visible advantage for consumers in their welfare. One of the future users is Micronit. Micronit makes lab-on-a-chip technology which can individually analyse bloodcells. Test and upscale production offers opportunities in tackling leukemia. High Tech Factory will be fully operational in 2010.

article written in Advertisement Enschede in june 2008

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