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Ostendum wint prestigieuze Europese innovatieprijs

Ostendum, a spin-off-company of MESA+, has managed to win a prestigious Technology Innovation Leadership Award of Frost & Sullivan in the category Lab-on-a-Chip-Nanodevices.

Ostendum, based in High Tech Factory, is a nanotechnology company that specialises in optic detection methods. The company develops portable laboratories that can be used on-site and which instantaneously measure the concentration of viruses, bacteria and specific proteins in all sorts of samples – e.g., blood, urine and saliva samples. There are two aspects to Ostendum’s system: A cheap optical ‘disposable chip’, to which fluid is added, and a detector for reading the chip. Allowing doctors to investigate samples on-site and make instantaneous diagnoses will result in economies in health care costs and improve treatment possibilities for patients. For the moment Ostendum is focusing on health care and food safety, but the technology can also be used in various other sectors.

The prestigious Technology Innovation Leadership Award of Frost & Sullivan was presented on 17 October 2013, during the Excellence in Best Practices Awards Banquet in Paris. Allocation of the award took place after an extremely extensive analysis of the technology and the company’s opportunities. Frost & Sullivan examined, among other things, the product’s market opportunities, the uniqueness of the technology used and the impact on society. The analysis showed that Ostendum was miles ahead of the two other short-listed candidates for the award. Frost & Sullivan wrote, in an accompanying text, that Ostendum has made its mark as innovative leader in Europe. According to Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe, Senior Research Analyst with Frost & Sullivan, it is the portability, the ease of use, the light weight and minimum energy requirements of the technology on which Ostendum is working that makes it so deployable over a broad spectrum of applications and industries.

Ostendum’s technology is the result of doctoral research of Aurel Ymeti (currently Chief Technology Officer with Ostendum) who graduated from the University of Twente. During the past five years, Ostendum has continually improved and developed this technology. Paul Nederkoorn, CEO of the company, and Ymeti, are delighted that their company has managed to scoop the prize. “This is an extremely prestigious award. We see this as a form of recognition, that a trend-setting company like Frost & Sullivan has confidence in our technology and the marketing possibilities of our product.”

The fact that the market has been waiting for an innovation such as Ostendum’s is apparent from, among other things, recent investments the health insurers Achmea and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar have made in the company.

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