MIMETAS in Nature

On 16 July, Nature News in Focus published an article on organs-on-chips, with Paul Vulto, co-founder of the biotechnology company Mimetas, Leiden (NL). Mimetas located its assembly line here at High Tech Factory.

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On 11 December MIMETAS, the organ-on-a-chip company, proudly opened its new high tech site, located in the High Tech Factory-building, where they will produce the Organo Plates as of 2015.

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De regio Twente behoort tot de meest innovatieve regio’s van Nederland. Uit onderzoek van KPMG blijkt dat Twente behoort tot de top drie van meest concurrerende regio’s van Europe voor internationale bedrijven. De focus van Twente op het gebied van innovatie ligt op High Tech Systemen en Materialen (HTSM).
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MIMETAS raises 5.2 million dollar for organ-on-a-chip

MIMETAS B.V. has raised 5.2 million dollar to fund its expansion as a global leader in organ-on-a-chip technology. Venture capital investors Zeeuws Investerings Fonds (ZIF) and the Participatiemaatschappij Oost Nederland (PPM) have joined forces with national and regional partners to fund development and sales of MIMETAS’ unique 3D disease- and tissue modelling technologies.

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MIMETAS receives 1.6 million dollar pharma funding for kidney-on-a-chip

MIMETAS, in a consortium with Radboudumc and FHNW, has received 1.6 million USD funding for development of a kidney-on-a-chip for toxicological applications. A panel of experts from GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche, NC3Rs and renowned academic institutions selected MIMETAS’ solution from a strong line-up of competing technologies. Read more

New Management High Tech Factory

As Miriam Luizink’s successor, Roy Kolkman will take up his new position as Director of High Tech Factory on 1 July 2014. Roy had already taken over Miriam’s directorship of High Tech Facilities, a High Tech Factory subsidiary, in January 2014.

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Miriam Luizink appointed Director Strategic Business Development

In keeping with its enhanced ambitions regarding entrepreneurship in the new strategy, the University of Twente (UT) is moving rapidly to broaden and strengthen cooperation between the university and industry. To achieve this goal, the Executive Board has appointed a Director of Strategic Business Development who will coordinate matters and provide the driving force required. For the next few years, this post will be held by ir. Miriam Luizink. Read more

High Tech Factory Continues to Expand

A great deal has happened at High Tech Factory since the official opening on 16 May last year. For example, the successful spin-off of the University of Twente, Ostendum, was established in our complex towards the end of 2013. This company recently won the Frost & Sullivan prestigious Innovation Leadership Award; a best practice award presented to Ostendum for its portable laboratories that make a significant contribution to medical diagnostics. Our interview with one of the founders of Ostendum, Aurel Ymeti, is to be found elsewhere in this Newsletter.
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Roy Kolkman New High Tech Facilities director

On 1 January 2014 Roy Kolkman came to reinforce the High Tech Factory team as High Tech Facilities director. In this position he is responsible for running and organising High Tech Factory’s production facility. High Tech Facilities is a subsidiary of High Tech Factory.
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Chips That are Changing the Medical World

The glass chips produced by Micronit Microfluidics are finding their way into the medical world. Mini laboratories equipped with these lab-on-a-chip chips will soon make the life of many patients less unpleasant while also making the care aspect more affordable. “That’s why we’ll expand quite substantially over the next few years”, anticipates managing director Micha Mulder of Micronit Microfluidics.
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