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MIMETAS receives 1.6 million dollar pharma funding for kidney-on-a-chip

MIMETAS, in a consortium with Radboudumc and FHNW, has received 1.6 million USD funding for development of a kidney-on-a-chip for toxicological applications. A panel of experts from GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche, NC3Rs and renowned academic institutions selected MIMETAS’ solution from a strong line-up of competing technologies.

The funding is awarded in the context of the NephroTube Crack-it Challenge to support development of a microfluidic renal model predicting renal toxicity during pre-clinical development. In collaboration with the Radboudumc Pharmacology-Toxicology Department and the Swiss FHNW, MIMETAS will use the funds to develop a high-throughput kidney-on-a-chip model by combining its OrganoPlate™ 3D-culturing technology with the human renal cell line ciPTEC™, analyzed and validated in three separate sites. The resulting model will be used to detect renal tubular injury observed in drug-induced nephrotoxicity. The model’s early prediction of nephrotoxicity will help to reduce animal experiments.
The Crack-it Challenge is organised by the UK-based National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs). In December 2013, MIMETAS and her partners received 160.000 dollar funding to develop a successful proof-of-concept.

MIMETAS develops organ-on-a-chip technology for testing of new medicines. Its unique microfluidic technology enables testing of new medicines in high-throughput on miniaturized organ models. These models have better predictivity compared to laboratory animals and conventional cell culture models. The MIMETAS OrganoPlate™ platform allows 3D cell culture under continuous perfusion and for membrane-free co-culture, boundary and gradient formation. MIMETAS develops and validates customized disease, toxicology and transport models and ultimately will make its technology available for personalized therapy selection.

About Crack It
CRACK IT Challenges is a two-phase competition that funds collaborations between industry, academics and SMEs to solve problems related to the 3Rs, leading to new products or improved business processes. Large pharmaceutical and chemical industries act as ‘sponsors’, defining relevant challenges and providing in-kind contributions, such as access to data, compounds or equipment. In Phase 1 several teams are selected to carry out proof-of-concept studies for each challenge, but only one team for each challenge will receive the funding to deliver the full challenge in Phase 2. CRACK IT was launched by the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) as the first open innovation platform designed to bring together industry, academia and SMEs to support the development of marketable products and improved business processes with 3Rs benefits.

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