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MIMETAS Dutch winner “Ideas from Europe”

Jos Joore, MIMETAS, is the Dutch winner of “Ideas from Europe”. He will represent the Netherlands on 20 November at the European final in Luxembourg.

Jos convinced the jury with the organs-on-a-chip human cells and jos_joore_ideas from europetissue recreated on chips, so medicines can be tested without the use of testing animals or human tests subjects. The jury, with astronaut Andre Kuipers, Jim Stolze, Fleur Sluijter and Bertold Leeftink, thought of this idea as being the most inspiring and innovative idea that has a great impact ‘if this is going to be the standard’.

Jos will join the 28 speakers and their ideas at the “Ideas from Europe” stage at the SME Assembly on 20 November in Luxembourg.  The spotlight will be on Europe’s most inspiring visionary ideas that deserve to take the world stage!