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High Tech Factory officially opened


It was with great interest that High Tech Factory was officially opened earlier this year

The opening marks the start of the stat-of-the-art production facility High Tech Factory. A facility where campanies in the field of mico- and nanotechnolgy have 5,000 square metres of high quality cleanroom, laboratories and office space at their disposal to upgrade their production volumes. The guests could pleasantly meet the entrepreneurs of High Tech Factory and their high tech products by means of short presentations, videos and debates.

Special guest was Ir Wiebe Draaijer, Chairman of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (the SER). Draaijer deliverd the University of Twente’s Innovation Lecture 2013 on the entrepreneurial region and the innovative university.  Also on the programme, the ceremony of the Van den Kroonenberg Prize for young entrepreneurship, won by Dick Theisens of the company Symbol, and the Marina van Damme Grant for female Alumni of the University of Twente, won by Susan Roelofs.
At the end of the day the grand opening was celebrated with champaign for everyone, toasting together at the same time on the start of High Tech Factory.


The programme was openend by Prof.dr. Ed Brinksma, Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente en Ir Miriam Luizink, director of High Tech Factory. Harm Edens chaired the event on a inimitably professional way.