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Na de verzelfstandiging van High Tech Fund is het tijd voor een eigen vernieuwde website en deze is bijna gereed!
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High Tech Fund is a non-profit equipment lease facility. It gives your business the opportunity to invest in expensive production equipment when banks or investors cannot participate yet. Entrepreneurs with a strong ambition to grow and expand their production and product development capabilities can apply for financial resources.
We are open to share thoughts and to discuss collaboration opportunities to improve your ability to grow your business. Furthermore, High Tech Fund can participate in co-investments.
High Tech Fund primarily invests in the domain of high tech systems and materials, medical technology, and chemical technology or cross-overs.


The next meeting of our evaluation committee is scheduled for
17 APRIL 2019 – Deadline applications: 3 MARCH 2019
– Deadline applications: 28 JULY 2019
22 NOVEMBER 2019
– Deadline applications: 6 OCTOBER 2019
Our team can help you with information about the terms and conditions, and how to submit an application. Contact Monique Snippers, Project Office High Tech Fund, T +31.53.4892323 – E



DMIM, DEMCON metal injection moulding, aims at the market of small metal parts. These are manufactured in large volumes and with high precision by means of DEMCON’s metal injection moulding technique. DMIM’s metal injection moulding technique is rather unique in the Netherlands, and it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the standard MIM processes. DMIM’s products can be found in systems of car engines and locking devices for fire doors, but also in surgical instruments. Thanks to High Tech Fund, the enterprise has been able to increase its production capacity.

Eurekite, a spin-off of Twente University, engages in the development of fully flexible ceramic nanofibres: Flexiramics®. Flexiramics® is a 100% ceramic nanofibre material that feels as light and flexible as paper but retains all physico-chemical properties of traditional ceramics. It is the first flexible 100% ceramic film in the world. Ideal for fibres used under extreme conditions. It can handle 1200°C without degrading. Eurekite is in the process of developing various viable applications for Flexiramics®, including flexible PCBs. The versatile properties of Flexiramics may be applied in various sectors, including Sensing, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Cabling. 

Medspray’s medical sprays are a blessing for people suffering from asthma and COPD. The nozzle heads are based on microporous silicon chips (e.g. 100 holes of 2 micrometres). The droplets are so small that the medicine can be administered more precisely, and is more effective as a result. Traditional sprays take only 10% of the medicine into the lungs. The rest remains in the throat or the mouth. The nozzle chip developed by Medspray ensures that 50% of the medicine is actually administered. Thanks to this new technology, asthmatics can do with a lower drug dosage for an identical same effect. People suffering from COPD and cystic fibrosis may also benefit from the sprays developed in Enschede.

Mimetas develops methods to test medicines in microscopic particles of human fibres in microfluidic chips: ‘organs-on-a-chip’. These chips are called OrganoPlates®. The purpose of these tests is to improve the ability to predict, in the lab, the effects of medicines on human beings. This way, expensive clinical research on patients can be applied more effectively, which will save time and hundreds of millions of euros in the development of new drugs. OrganoPlate® is also applied in scientific research to better understand the function of fibres through three-dimensional cultivations.
Thanks to High Tech Fund, Mimetas has been able to purchase special equipment to produce the OrganoPlate®.H

The photonics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in markets like tele- and datacommunications, life science, automotive and consumer electronics. PhiX supplies this industry with assembly and packaging services for Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs) by combining the three main application areas: silicon, InP and TriPleX.  The main challenge for combining the PIC platforms is in the hybrid integration of the various PICs in one package. PhiX assembly and packaging production line is supported by High Tech Fund.

Measuring resistance with tiny sticks on less than one thousandth of a millimetre distance, that is what the microprobes manufactured by SmartTip do, essentially. Manufacturers of hard disks and computer chips can use them to improve their quality check. It is all about checking the most vital element of hard disk heads and the magnetic working memory (MRAM), which are essential parts of computers, tablets and smartphones. SmartTip’s probes enable manufacturers to check the magnetic memory layer in an early stage. The sooner a deviation is found, the more time and money may be saved. That is why major players in the computer industry, including Western Digital, Toshiba, IBM, Samsung and SA Hynix are highly interested in the probes and equipment from Enschede. 

As a result of a new deposition technique SolMateS is now capable of providing a silicon chip with an integrated piezo layer. The coating is of the essence for allowing small parts on a chip to move. This will bring many new applications within reach. Think of higher resolutions for print heads. Or smaller autofocus lenses, allowing cell phones to make better pictures. Solmates has designed special equipment for this, the construction of which has been financed by High Tech Fund. The equipment is now in their own laboratory and it produces wafers with advanced chips. It is also a demo for customers and manufacturers. They are invited to test the machine for their production line.

Tide Microfluidics can make tailor-made contrast media for ultrasounds through microfluidic technology with a uniform distribution. The size is of vital importance for the best possible reflection of the sound and for looking deeper into the human body and seeing more details. This broadens the application of ultrasounds and a doctor will be able to give a diagnosis quicker and more accurately, without the need of ionising radiation. Tide Microfluidics has developed a special device for this and focuses on the development and production of the accompanying, sterile and disposable cartridges. Thanks to High Tech Fund Tide Microfluidics will have its own testing and production site at Knowledge Park Twente, where product demonstrations and training may also be offered to physicians and ultrasound operators.







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