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Welcome to
High Tech Factory

Your access to a shared production facility
for micro and nanotech based products.

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The facility


We accommodate companies engaged in high-quality development and production. Our production facility is located near the NanoLab of MESA+ research institute, one of the world’s largest research institutes in the field of nanotechnology.
We offer a valuable infrastructure that includes high-quality cleanrooms, laboratories fitted out with all the necessary equipment, office space, plus an equipment fund, High Tech Fund. The fact that companies engaged in nano and microtechnology are located near each other and are able to share production facilities is an additional benefit.


HTF labs and cleanrooms

The building accommodates 46 offices, varying in size, 20 high standard laboratories, 13 high standard cleanrooms and a communal chemical process room. It also houses two canteens and two well-equipped meeting facilities. Ample parking space is available in the vicinity of our building which is open 24-7.

Curious? Take a look here

For availability of our CLEANROOMS or LABORATORIES  or other information on the facility, please get in touch with BTC-Twente +31.53.4836.355, info@btc-twente.nl