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Blue4Green introduces the Lab-on-a-chip: a commercial first in veterinary diagnostics

Measuring concentration of minerals

The young company Blue4Green from Twente (The Netherlands) has began to commercially market a laboratory the size of a computer chip for veterinary professionals.

This Lab-on-a-chip enables veterinary professionals to test animal blood or urine in the stable or pasture and make a reliable diagnosis within minutes with the use of a handheld ‘labbook’. The chip is ready to use and measures the concentration of a number of minerals in blood or urine with capillary electrophoresis, making it the first of its kind. The measurements can be retrieved and stored with the ‘labbook’.
The innovation is a result of years of research by the Lab-on-a-chip Group of the Twente University and part of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, and was developed in close cooperation with Medimate B.V.
The Lab-on-a-chip contributes to transparency in the food chain, better animal well-being, reduction of medication and a lower risk of contamination.
Veterinary collective “De Graafschap” in The Netherlands will start applying the Lab-on-a-chip in the near future.

Company info

Blue4Green, a young start-up company, specializes in the application of nano-technology in veterinary diagnostics. Its Lab-on-a-chip innovation is nominated for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2009 which will be presented on 2 December 2009.
For more information, please visit Blue4Green